I have been wanting to draw some kind of funny storyboard and Santino Fontana’s song choice for the Frozen audition is hilarious, so I tried to get down what was in my head when I listened to it. I kind of imagined Hans singing it on Elsa’s coronation day and Anna being all embarrassed by that silly fiancé in front of her sister…

Ugh I know it should speak for itself and make sense and all but it was just a good practice and I still have a lot to learn so just enjoy the stupidity xD







Deathigner - short film

..In which the children of the gods of Death attend  reaper-school.

Look at this ADORABLE short film.

WATCH THIS. This is so fucking cute that I started to cry

god, this is so sweet. And I really loved how they had different death gods too, even more than the 3 we focused on. All the different cultural Deaths

That was the cutest ting EVER